• WW12 Update

    Artem Kashkanov5 days ago 0 comments

    Done with etching 30 pcb plates! 8 different types. Now working on photomask.

    I'm done with Memory Board and send it to manufacture. It comes back to me at the beginning of April and I will start assemble it

    Here is 3D view with all parts (yes, it's 16x16 led panels on the top):

  • WW09 Update

    Artem Kashkanov03/05/2017 at 21:07 0 comments

    • Put image to another 6 plates - 3pcs of 5AND, 1pcs of 2AND/2OR, and 2pcs of D-trigger. Need to etch them but first want to image other boards for batch eching :)
    • Finished with Memory Board routing. 3D Looks very good. Yeas, Most IC's are in DIP - this is because I have a Lot of Soviet IC and use them. Need to check all connections and will send routing to pcb maker - I can't do so big pcbs (300x200 mm ) at home.
    • Routed 2ANDx4 pcb - I got single-side pcb again. Will use this type of module as a key module (four modules per bus) and in sequenser module where after 10-stage sequenser and diode matrix I will need to send signals to blocks. 3D looks good. Will do this modules at home.
    • Prepare plywood table for photomask - it's ready for use and I want to start when finished with all known boards.

  • WW08 Update

    Artem Kashkanov02/26/2017 at 19:44 0 comments

    I routed almost all modules:

    ADD+Carry module, D-trigger module, 5AND, 2AND/2OR module, base board and working on memory module

    Currently I'm working on making pcb's - I'm doing all pcb by myself using photoresist technology.

    I already etched 17 of 26 panels 20x15 cm - each panel contain 9 modules and 4 relays on each module. When I finished etching I will start with solder mask.

    6 pcb's - D-trigger,

    2 pcb's - ADD+C

    3 pcb's 2AND/2OR

    5 pcb's - base panel each for 32 modules. I need one more of this type

    1 pcb's 5AND - I need 4 of them for paralle carry.

    I created roadmap webpage in github repository where I update all steps