Brainfuck relay computer

Brainfuck computer on reed relays with Von-Neumann arch

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I start assmebling my relay computer on soviet reed relays - I need about 700 of them.
All computel logic will be on approx 180 mini pcb (60x44mm, with 4 relays on each) placed on 6 base places (150x200mm), 32 modules on each.
RAM will be on IC, 64KWords x 16bits.
16 commands, 8bit default mode, 16 bit extended mode.
8 basic Brainfuck commands plus some extended what I can implement on current main blocks.
Now I prepared approx all schematics and modules and waiting for mini-CNC from China. I will do all pcb by myself, using film Photoresist and solder mask and will drill all 28 pcb plates (150x200mm each) on CNC.
Relays - RES64 - 1A, RES55 - 1C and RES-43 - 2A

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