Though we're still in the early stages of PrintLinx's journey, we're proud to share that we've successfully proven the feasibility and effectiveness of our concept. Through our prototype, we've demonstrated that our system can efficiently manage at least one 3D printer via WiFi and SD card, offering a new way to approach printing tasks.And the other SD cards being able to be accesed and read, but not yet implemented in the web platform.

This is the modular module that is controlled by the ESP32, the channel select dip switches select at which "adress" the 3d printers are.

This is our modular connection to a SD card adapter 

This is our custom designed esp32 board alongside the adress manager, we use SPI on the main SD pins and i2c to control the manager.

These are screenshots from our web platform that is used to manage the storage on each machine, we can configure the esp32 board to act as a hub for 3d printers in which we connect them with the modular storage, or used for CNC like machines in the configuration of a flash drive.