Why Is This Useful For My Customers

This technology enables your customers to:
  1. Get instant WiFi access on the Internet (without password)
  2. Have access ONLY when they are in your outlet (no more "free" Internet for people passing by or customers of outlets nearby)
  3. Use less battery while they are connected (save 2+ hours)
  4. Captive portal: ads, promos and offers in their smartphones (without any app)
  5. Enjoy unique services in a white Label custom made mobile App

Why Would I Want It For My Business

3D WiFi Bubbles also provides added-value services for your business such as:

  1. Dynamic control of your Internet speed depending on your customers' class (simple, VIP)
  2. Ability to profile your customers' from their smart devices (position, drink/food, time/frequency of presence/staying)
  3. Total security by guarding your perimeter or inner space
How Do I Install It

In order to start using 3D WiFi you need to have the 3D WiFi Bubbles (generator) Box which is actually an access point/hot spot.

To install it just:

  1. Choose a high place to put it. (e.g. ceiling, somewhere high on a wall...)
  2. Plug-in the AC Cord and an Ethernet cable from your router.
  3. Users/customers choose the "3D-WiFi-Bubbles" network -while in range- from any smart device and get connected.

The prototype consists of 5 things (hardware):

  1. The main terminal (Access Point)
  2. SD Card (8GB)
  3. WiFi antenna
  4. Ethernet cable 100/1000 (1.5m)
  5. EU Charger - 240V/2A (2m)

The software that lies inside the SD Card is the heart and brain of 3D WiFi Bubbles. It's the "3D WiFi Fencing" technology that enables precise control over space and lets the "Bubbles" transmit information in the specified 3D range.