Why I built this keyboard?

Last year I saw the BBQ20 keyboard built from Solder Party. I was very excited that the blackberry keyboard kann be reused in this way. I bought one keyboard from Solder Party and I found something that I was not satisfied: 

  • There is no complete case for the keyboard
  • The keymap can not be easily changed

                                                       Picture1: BBQ20 Keyboard from Solder Party

As a result, I built a another BBQ20 keyboard. Here are the features of my keyboard:

  • I removed the I2C interface
  • I added 2 extra shoulder keys on the top side so that the keyboard is more ergonomic 
  • Now the keyboard is powered by QMK Firmware, which is an open-sourced mechanical firmware for keyboard. The behavior of the keyboard can be easily modified by others and the keymap of the keyboard can be easily configured through VIA on web.
  • I completed the case for the keyboard

                                                         Picture2: BBQ20 USB keyboard I built

This keyboard can work as a keyboard and mouse combo when connected to a computer (Windows/Linux/MacOS), a phone (android/ihone) or even a SBC (Raspberry Pi, etc).

Here is a brief video about using this keyboard:

Alle the Information and files about my keyboard are open sourced. If you are interested, you can buy one on my store on Tindie or built one yourself.