Keyboard with Apple Mouse Scroll Ball

Fits into the keyboard as though it were designed for this.

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The Apple Mighty Mouse has a novel scroll ball within it. I figured I'd add one for left handed scrolling on my keyboard. By adding a USB hub to the the underside, I keep a single wire going to my computer.

I've done this project twice. The first keyboard completely died shortly after I made my spare.  Unfortunately the new one's USB hub is less reliable. The keyboard doesn't get activated soon enough to send keypresses during booting... I've been too lazy to fix this, though.​

And all the electronics from the mouse? They're taped to the underside of the keyboard. What? There's dozens of other things in my apartment to distract anyone from noticing the backside of my keyboard :D

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    Step 1

    Use a dremel to make the hole in the top plate

  • 2
    Step 2

    Dremel also removes material on the back side of the plate so that the ball is close to the surface.

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    Step 3

    The ball's ribbon cable goes through careful cuts in the membranes of the keyboard.

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