The TSOC_GROVEY_ONE allows you to connect thingSoC, Mikrobus, and/or Grove System Modules all at the same time, using the Arduino Development environment, with the the ATMEGA328P processor. This gives you maximum flexiblity for sensor and actuator, selection and reuse.

The thingSoC "Grovey Series" was designed as "Everyday Electronics", a no-frills, low cost, approach to modular embedded product design. thingSoC boards are similar in size to most break-out-boards (BOBs), but feature a standardized stacking pinout, as well as an I2C metadata store (EEPROM) to indicate what peripherals are installed.



Example Applications

The GROVEY ONE comes with preloaded with the OPTIboot bootloader for Arduino,
but if you prefer to do do bare metal programming, connect an ICSP programmer as shown.
THis will be necessary if you wish to change the default bootloader, or if you brick your device...

Grovey One Pinout Diagram