<No, I will not collaborate with anyone, the team is just me, sorry>

The thumbnail for this project illustrates how, yes that is supposed to be a human, moves inside a virtual reality made of LRPM.

The background image shows how a couple of cubes can move each other to make two connected 3D-printers.

Keep in mind that each cube will look identical to every other cube, the different colors in the images is just to clarify what is what and where they've been.

Another thing to understand is that the strength of each cube doesn't have to be miraculously strong, like a 300W BLDC motor, as long as they can lift themselves, all you need to do is connect more cubes in parallel which will sum all the forces and in the end move whatever you want to move.

The cubes are dynamic, meaning that they are supposed to be able to change shape whenever, however, and also be able to stay stationary.

The cubes main form of movement will be voice coils placed around two strong neodymium facing each other. Placing another voice coil 90 degree perpendicular to the first one will allow for a connector to move like a foot. I will upload some images to illustrate my point. And sometime I will also finish the whole blue prints. At the moment I do have roughly 80-90% of the hardware part done. Soon I'll 3D-print some and upload pictures and videos.