• Method

    Trey Weber03/23/2017 at 17:46 0 comments

    Our original filament spool mounts for our Rostock Max V2s were having issues with lateral movement and filament feed. My main goal with redesigning them was to find a solution that allowed them to spin freely, while keeping the spool from moving left/right or coming off while printing. Previously, it was possible for the filament to briefly bind and then the spool could "pop off" as the tension was released. This causes issues for obvious reasons, if it happens in the middle of a print. At the same time, it was important to be able to change filament easily.

    The solution was to mount two deep slotted arms to a baseplate, and hang the spool by an 8mm diameter linear rod. Inserts with seated bearings were then made that were a slip fit into our filament spools which allowed for us to reuse them easily.

    The baseplate and filament inserts were 3D printed, while the arms were made out of plywood on the ShopBot.

    Originally I was going to fabricate the arms out of aluminum, but the more practical solution was just to make them out of wood.

    Overall, this is a very straightforward, practical, and simple solution to mounting filament on a Rostock Max V2.