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A lightweight and simple devboard for ESP8266-12 with 2.54mm breadboard pinout and works with 1V-5.5V batteries

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I wanted a simple way to do quick battery powered prototypes with ESP8266-12 that can be hidden away in a small box. So this project is about making a small and beginner friendly devboard with all functions I can think of for doing quick IoT projects so that we can connect everything. Sort of one-click-connect sensor to cloud.

Version 1:
0.5-5.5V power input to be able to run on many kind of batteries using TPS61201.
2.54mm pinout of GPIO spaced so it will be easy to put the devboard on a breadboard.
Pullup/down resistors attached for boot, deepsleep, chip enable.
Deepsleep output prewired to reset
ADC connected to a voltage divider from the battery.

Version 2: Comment on ideas below :) I want something really small but with a lot of functions and still lowpower, I thinking USB programming and an even smaller boards

  • USB2serial
  • Even smaller board

    Manufacturing files for 3x3 panelized board. Works with seeedstudio

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    Adobe Portable Document Format - 67.24 kB - 03/29/2017 at 21:00

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    • 5 × 10k R0603
    • 3 × 10u C0805
    • 2 × 500k R0603
    • 1 × TSP61201 0-5-5.5V in 3.3V out converter
    • 1 × 2.2u L 3x3mm Inductance for the converter

    • PCB order

      Johan Westlund03/29/2017 at 12:18 0 comments

      TIP: If using seeedstudio that have 100x100mm boards *10 for 9.9 USD. If your board is rectangular and smaller then 100x100mm, PANELIZE it :) I put 9 copies on the 100x100mm board and in that way got 90 boards now :D see the background picture for the result.

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