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A lightweight and simple devboard for ESP8266-12 with 2.54mm breadboard pinout and works with 1V-5.5V batteries

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I wanted a simple way to do quick battery powered prototypes with ESP8266-12 that can be hidden away in a small box. So this project is about making a small and beginner friendly devboard with all functions I can think of for doing quick IoT projects so that we can connect everything. Sort of one-click-connect sensor to cloud.

Version 1:
0.5-5.5V power input to be able to run on many kind of batteries using TPS61201.
2.54mm pinout of GPIO spaced so it will be easy to put the devboard on a breadboard.
Pullup/down resistors attached for boot, deepsleep, chip enable.
Deepsleep output prewired to reset
ADC connected to a voltage divider from the battery.

Version 2: Comment on ideas below :) I want something really small but with a lot of functions and still lowpower, I thinking USB programming and an even smaller board

  • USB2serial (Candidate: CP2101)
  • Even smaller board (0.1" smaller width to work on my breadboard, as small as possible in length)
  • LiPo charging (so you can use your old nokia battery to power your things) (Candidate:
  • Disconnetable ADC measurement of battery for even lower power when not used. (Candidate: One transistors with capacitor on gate to disconnect the high side to prevent to high voltage on the input compared to low side one transistor)

    The complete project for v2. It's a draft so some issues with DRC, will fix them soon

    x-zip-compressed - 353.65 kB - 06/11/2017 at 15:49


    Manufacturing files for 3x3 panelized board. Works with seeedstudio

    x-zip-compressed - 162.99 kB - 04/05/2017 at 18:48


    Adobe Portable Document Format - 67.24 kB - 03/29/2017 at 21:00


    • 5 × 10k R0603
    • 3 × 10u C0805
    • 2 × 500k R0603
    • 1 × TSP61201 0-5-5.5V in 3.3V out converter
    • 1 × 2.2u L 3x3mm Inductance for the converter

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