118.3k 450 60 341
Pi Zero-based open-source mobile phone (that you can assemble for 50$ in parts)
149.2k 927 74 210
A project researching the capabilities and use of the newly available ESP8266 low-cost WiFi module.
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 WiFi Module Library


49.8k 296 33 161
Monitoring soil moisture at different depths to determine when to irrigate, and - more importantly - how much water is needed. Save 25%!
28.7k 1k 18 118
An open source hydroponic garden control, monitoring, and grow system with cloud database and dashboard.
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

57.9k 171 384 113
A wifi web radio player with only low costs boards. KaRadio, listen the world.
34k 255 20 108
Using an ESP8266 to look at wifi signals in great detail.
Project Owner Contributor

Wifi power mapping


14k 429 5 84
A solar powered wireless picopower sensor module with cloud Datalogging and control geared towards plant and environmental monitoring
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

31.4k 746 27 77
A Project to Test Low-Cost ESP8266 Wifi Module with Easy PC Program for Beginners
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Test Program


20.6k 118 28 58
PCB for fast development with ESP-07 / ESP-12 with on board USB to Serial converter and on board lipo charge / protection circuit
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 (ESP-07/12) Dev Board


24k 144 19 58
A simple inexpensive Wifi Button!
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Dash Button


16.8k 79 14 54
I stole from every one. The huzza from Adafruit. Matts breakout board. Al1s board from here. NodeMCUs DevKit.
Project Owner Contributor

Ignore this ESP8266 board


25.1k 305 11 43
A super tiny LED dimmer, controllable from any device, based on the ESP8266. Doesn't require an arduino or rasp pi.
6.2k 666 4 39
Two legs, four servos, ATtiny85 for brains
Project Owner Contributor

µBob biped robot

Radomir Dopieralski

24.7k 222 1 39
With ESP8266 EasyIoT library making WiFi sensors is easy. Create WiFi Arduino sensor with couple lines of code.
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 EasyIoT Arduino library


6.1k 485 6 37
Led Panel of ws2812b led's driven by a esp8266. With lithium battery's to make it portable, and an android app to keep it controlled
Project Owner Contributor

Led Shirt - ESP8266 - WS2812B

Willem Wouters

1.3k 1k 0 35
glowy cubes (ws2812b) made from frosted acrylic with web service to easily find it on your network.
Project Owner Contributor

rgbcubes - iot finder

Christian Stöveken

16.4k 389 19 34
A project about Home Automation. I want to replace my old thermostat with an IoT ESP8266 + OLED 128x64 Screen + OpenHab + MQTT + Micropython
8k 72 18 33
Cool little ESP8266 Breakout Board / Flasher for NodeMCU
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266-01 Breakout


34.5k 152 7 32
Measure the active time of a heater to analyze its behaviour with a ESP8266 without an additional controller.
Project Owner Contributor

simple native ESP8266 Smartmeter


41k 395 10 29
Exploring running native applications on the ESP8266 modules
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Native

Matt Callow

13.3k 422 8 27
VU-meter (Winamp plugin ) sending udp to a Esp8266 controlling a Ws2812B
Project Owner Contributor

VU-meter Esp8266 - WS2812B


5.4k 35 0 24
19.1k 642 6 24
Basic energy monitor using the ESP8266 and the ATMega328
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Current Monitor

Patrick McDonnell

48.2k 85 9 23
802.11 WIFI enabled RGB LED Strips, using the ESP8266 and $4 Psoc 4 dev board.
1.4k 86 4 23
A controller for all your IoT needs.
Project Owner Contributor

ESP IoT Controller


76.9k 83 10 21
Accessing a web site with an ESP8266 serial WiFi module and an Arduino Mega 2560.
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Retro Browser


4.5k 795 7 19
Create a development board for ESP8266 with One-Layer PBC and "normal" components. Third version is ready. For ESP-01, -03, -07 or -12
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Dev-Board

Chris Wagner

23.2k 66 5 17
Use an ESP-01 micro controller to control your Garage Door
10.7k 85 23 16
Development board for ESP8266 the make up of which can be decided by the community
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Development PCB's

Michael O'Toole

7.8k 609 4 16
IoT power strip controlled by ESP8266 and SSR.
Project Owner Contributor

IoT power strip using ESP8266

Pedro Minatel

2.8k 521 0 15
Basic interpreter for the ESP8266 wifi SOC
5.1k 70 4 14
Finding open WIFI connections, default setups, and messing with people around you wanting an open wifi connection.
Project Owner Contributor

Shame on you!


5.3k 781 2 13
A range of sensors that use WiFi to communicate
Project Owner Contributor

WiFi Sensors

Michael O'Toole

944 319 1 10
This project is an IoT sensor shield for the ESP8266 and it's Arduino compatible
Project Owner Contributor

IoT shield for ESP8266

Pedro Minatel

582 13 0 9
A lightweight and simple devboard for ESP8266-12 with 2.54mm breadboard pinout and works with 1V-5.5V batteries
Project Owner Contributor

Homefixer ESP8266 devboard

Johan Westlund

6.3k 879 0 9
NodeUSB is a tiny, low cost $9, WiFi ready, ESP8266 USB dev kit for Internet of things, it comes with NodeMCU pre-installed
1k 66 7 9
This project aims to build a cheap esp8266 dev-board that plugs in a PC for programming and can be powered with a phone charger or powerbank
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Dongle


3.1k 22 5 9
I use a esp8266 to control a BEAM style robot
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny wi-fi robot


1.9k 13 5 8
A lightweight module providing high speed WiFi data transfer. Native support for most uC. Clean and easy to use. ESP8266 based.
4.2k 30 1 8
A Wi-Fi based LED switch to check that your VPN is running on your router and control it.
Project Owner Contributor

VPN Light Switch


1.2k 9 0 8
Automatic CMV
Project Owner Contributor

Uncontrolled Mechanical Ventilation


686 94 0 7
A nerdy clock with LED’s including an ATmega328P, a RTC and everyone’s favorite WiFi-Chip.
Project Owner Contributor



3.7k 46 0 7
This project adds to Sprite_tm's webserver, and hosts a web page that among other things, plots data from a uart-DAQ using jquery.flot.
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 webserver based CRO


4.6k 324 0 5
Updates sensor data live to the cloud - with no external microcontroller.
3.9k 526 2 5
Drive an elcheapo TM1638 display unit using an ESP8266
2.4k 518 0 5
A development board built to be able to go inside another project to enable wifi control
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Parasite


847 6 0 4
Arduino controlled wifi weather station, with local database, dashboard and online controllable watering system.
Project Owner Contributor

Weather & plant monitoring station


4.3k 39 4 4
A Windows serial interface with handy buttons to interface with the Lua interpreter on the ESP8266. For learning and development.
Project Owner Contributor

LuaLoader for ESP8266