Tele-assisted first aid kit

In distress situation you may have no time to call the help or advise. This project aimed to make "better" first aid kit.

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In distress situation you may have no time to call the help or advise. This project aimed to make "better" first aid kit.

The main idea - to add distress beacon to the first aid kit which will allow emergency services easily find the exact place where the help is needed and provide ability for emergency service operator to show which is part of first aid kit should be used in particular situation.

Most of mobile networks allow to make a distress call on special number like 112 even if you have no money on your plan (actually even if you have no SIM-card and not authorized in mobile network).

So I want to build mobile-enabled first aid kit which will activate distress call wen it unsealed and providing ability to send your position to emergency service operator.

Because of mobile network limitation I will keep it low-tech as possible. Not every place have a good GPRS/EDGE/LTE coverage. Even more - if we want to keep it free of charge we can't use mobile data transfer at all.

On other hand we need to transfer only very small amount of data - only two coordinates. So old-good DTFM looks suitable.

Git repository:

Project page (in Russian):


Current version of firmware. For now it can 1) call predefined phone number 2) send position in DTMF signals (uses stub value for now)

ino - 2.13 kB - 05/11/2017 at 07:41


  • 1 × Arduino Leonardo
  • 1 × GSM/GPRS Module GPRS Shield
  • 1 × GPS Module For positioning
  • 1 × Microphone
  • 1 × Speaker

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  • RE: DTMF processing with SIM900 GSM module

    Yury Tikhoglaz05/02/2017 at 11:02 0 comments

    I've played little bit with DTMF decoding and sending little bit and find out what SIM900 module which I use - have software level DTMF decoder.

    So, all you need is just send right AT+ command to the module, and it will start to decode DTMF signals (in perfect world).

    As result I don't need dedicated decoder at all.

    On the other side it is not so reliable as I wanted.

    Another thing I learned - this particular GSM module didn't work without SIM card at all. Which is really sad.

    Firmware for first aid kit is almost ready and waiting for to be pushed to GIT repository.

  • Controller arrived

    Yury Tikhoglaz04/14/2017 at 11:58 0 comments

    So, controller and shields finally have arrived and I'm starting to write firmware.

    Since now you can track software changes in github -

  • First approach to the prototype - electronics

    Yury Tikhoglaz04/03/2017 at 08:45 0 comments

    For first prototype I've decided to use as many pre-buit parts as possible.

    So, BOM -

    • Arduino Leonardo;
    • GPRS Shield - I've selected this one but you may use any on your choice. But keep in mind what you will need microphone input and audio output;
    • Power source shield. Once again - I've selected this, but you may use any suitable for you. In perspective this first aid kit should use non-rechargeable bat;
    • GPS Shield - Not yet decided. For first prototype will use software stub.

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