EQ Open Source Programmable Spectrum Grow Light

ESP8266 controlled 3 channel grow light. The red, white, and blue colors can be controlled for optimized growth or scientific testing.

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EQ is a Wifi enabled 2ft linear grow light. The light spectrum and on/off schedule can be customized for specific plant species by programming the 3-band LED module. A durable powder-coated heat-sink ensures long lasting performance in demanding environments, while the beautiful walnut trim allows EQ to blend seamlessly into your home decor. To foster rapid innovation, all hardware and software designs are being made available open source.

We are currently a two person team making a high quality open grow light. Both of us have extensive knowledge in commercial LED lighting and wanted to put all of that knowledge into the emerging urban agriculture movement. Our first project is inspired by the lack of control in current lighting setups. We wanted to make a platform that can be used to experiment with different light recipes, support automation, and look good in the home. Since each plant type may prefer different light spectrum, we hope a large community can add to the active research in this area.

Being a boot-strapped operation, we also had to make some test equipment to characterize our product. These DIY devices will also be featured because we feel the behind the scenes can sometimes be more interesting and educational than the finished product.

  • The First 6 Months

    Andrew Sowa04/22/2017 at 22:55 0 comments

    We started this project about 6 months ago with the desire to turn it into a product. Because we are both hobbyists as well as professional engineers, we wanted this to be something the community can participate in. Right now we have the hardware mostly done. There is still a bunch of verification testing and QC before we want to start building the first small production run. There are to many products that don't provide accurate specifications and we don't want to be one of them. Right now we are designing test equipment so we can give all the light specifications for all the different color and power combinations.

    The software is still lacking but still want to get the light to people. It is build around a ESP8266 so it can be adapted to a few platforms such as, openhab, or a home-brew automation network. We also want feedback that can be put into any hardware changes and guide the software development.

    Many companies started in a garage, we decided to start in a closet.

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