Programing ESPcopter - ESP8266 Drone with Visuino

Visually Programing ESPcopter - ESP8266 based programmable Drone with Visuino

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ESPcopter is a really cool, ESP8266 based programmable Drone currently on Indiegogo: The drone is expandable, and has GPIO pins for connecting extra sensors and actuators.Visuino is an easy to use Graphical Software Development tool, and is perfect for easy programming of robots and drones.The goal of the project is to find the best way to program the ESPcopter drones with Visuino and to unlock the full ESPcopter potential, as a single drone, or even as a swarm of drones.

The ESPCopter is currently on Indiegogog.

The plan is if the project gets funded, to be able to program the Drone with Visuino .

The Drone is ESP8266 based, and has additional GPIO pins where you can connect more sensors and actuators:

This makes it a perfect flexible development platform for Drone projects, and its custom WiFi functionality makes it easy to fave multiple drones communication with each other.

Visuino with its easy to use Graphical Development Interface, and advanced IoT capabilities, looks like the perfect platform to be combined with the ESPCopter :-)

The ESPCopter also has Facebook Group .

The Visuino also has both Facebook Group, and G+ Community

ESPcopter weighs only 32g and runs for 8 minutes on a 260mAh battery. Whether you want to learn how to fly a drone or program one, this kit has you covered.

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Pablo wrote 04/15/2019 at 03:21 point

i have gy 50 l3gd200d and NRF24LE1  i have 4 BlHeli 15A ESC and 4 Parrot Bebop 2 Motor

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