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Things I've Built

POV Display. Because everyone makes one of these

This display was made with a row of LEDs connected to an ATMEGA32 based dev board (microHOPE). The rig was taped onto a table fan, and was used as a demo to enthral schoolkids at IISER Mohali for Science Day.

Scanning Tunneling Microscope

A room temperature prototype of an STM. Uses the R9 from RHK, an Attocube Walker, and a piezo scantube. Steps in HOPG, and a 10um calibration grating were imaged

Beam profiling with OpenCV

Extract beam profile from a video feed of a diffraction pattern

Multi Channel Analyzer

ATMEGA32 based MCA for radiation detection and spectrum analysis

Broken CRT monitor o-scope

Had to throw out an old CRT monitor. Decided to open up the case, and play around with the deflection coils a bit

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