Gas based Combined Cycle Turbine Generator

Use of a second compressor, heat exchanger and decompressor for generating mains power from exhaust gas heat.

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The most part of energy which is put into gas turbines is lost. That's why engineers developed the combined cycle, which uses the exhaust heat to boil water and power a steam turbine in the second stage. The goal of this project is to demonstrate a proof of concept to use heat exchangers instead, then generate DC power which is then fed back into the power grid by a microinverter which is originally intened to connect photovoltaic cells to the grid.

The basic concept is to combine a conventional gas turbine with a modified one, which has a heat exchanger instead of burners. Since gas turbines are pretty expensive, I'll try to modify/design 3D printed turbos for compression and decompression. So the project will be limited to temperatures of around 50-70°C. The heat exchangers are planned to be made of two nested copper pipes in crossflow configuration. In total I plan to have two heat exchangers, one to be heated by several candles (which should have a thermal output around 40W each) and the crossflow exchanger, which carries the heated exhaust gas in the inner tube and the fresh and compressed air in the outer tube. They are connected in series, so I only need one compressor/decompressor which will be connected to a regular BLDC Motor and generator. The generator will then be rectified to around 12VDC, and transformed to 40V by a DC-DC stepup converter. These 40V will then be sufficient for a grid tied inverter for mains connection.

  • 1 × Compressor Used for compressing process air
  • 1 × Motor BLDC motor which drives compressor
  • 1 × BLDC Driver Drives BLDC Motor
  • 2 × Heat Exchangers One preheater and one main heater
  • 1 × Decompressor converts pressure to mechanical energy

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