This was my second PiZero Gameboy project and was done to improve on the first one.
It ended up a lot neater than the previous one and also had WiFi enabled because I used a PiZero W.

Main features:

  • Additional action buttons on the front so you have A/B/X/Y
  • Additional action buttons on the back so you have L/R shoulder buttons
  • USB connector
    • To plug in a keyboard or controller to help with setup or troubleshooting
    • To plug in a USB thumb-drive with ROMs so they are automatically transferred to the SD card
  • Micro USB charge connector with charge indicator LED
  • Easy access to SD card slot
  • Audio on/off switch (no hardware volume control)
  • Costs just $80 in parts! (and this being my 2nd one, it took just 6 hours to assemble and setup)
  • Plays NES/SNES/SEGA(MS&MD)/GB/GBC really well, GBA with some games lagging