Smart Internet Weather Radio

In 1954 NOAA Weather Radio first went on the air. In 60 years it hasn't really changed much, until now. NWR goes IoT.

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This is project's goal is to modernize the antique NOAA radio system. The typical NOAA radio receiver hasn't changed much in over a decade. While there is the new S.A.M.E. it is just a small upgrade. The radios still require 9 volt batteries which are usually dead when you need them. They still receive a VHF FM signal that is often times mostly static and hard to understand.

The Smart Internet Weather Radio, "SiWR" uses text to speech technology and can be programed to speak in most common languages such as English, Spanish and French. It's included Lion battery stays charged up and ready when it's needed most. The embedded GPS receiver pinpoints the SIWR's exact location to prevent false alerts. With a combination of loudspeaker and RGB LEDs the SiWR will let you know when you need to seek shelter from weather events and natural disasters.

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