Quantity   Component name
1 × GPS GTPA010 9600 baud serial output with built-in patch antenna
1 × WiFi EXP8266 WiFi with TCP/IP
1 × Bluetooth transceiver HC-05 bluetooth transceiver communicates with bluetooth OBDII dongle to capture CAN bus data
1 × 3D Acellerometer, 3D Gyro GY-521 breakout board with I2C comms (Uses MPU6050 chip)
1 × Real-time clock chip DS1337 RTC with I2C comms
1 × GSM/GPRS modem SIM800L modem to send rule based text messages
1 × ATMEGA328P Microprocessor to read command data from and log data to SD card
1 × CATALEX Micro SD Micro SD Card adapter board
1 × Temperature Sensor DS18B20 digital temperature sensor with 1-Wire interface
1 × Radio transceiver CC2500 2.4Ghz radio transceiver to upload data from SD card to base station
1 × Flash memory 64Mbit flash memery to temporarily store data prior to saving to micro SD card
1 × Wind Sensor CruzPro UWSD10 ultrasonic wind speed, wind direction sensor with 4800 baud serial output
1 × Main microprocessor C8051F380 SiLabs 64Kbyte flash micro with 4K XRAM runs the entire mess (mixed C and assembly)
1 × Voltage regulator MC33063 switching regulator
1 × OBDII Bluetooth dongle Bluetooth dongle connects to engine CAN bus to capture RPM, oil pressure, temperature, etc.