How to fix a stopped 3D print

Solution for modifying the gcode to make the printer restart from where it left

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I, many times faced this challenge of a failed print due to a stopped printer. Here is a simple solution to this problem.

As I encountered this issue and as I gained experience in this 3D printing thing, I struggled to find at least a partial fix for the stopped 3D prints caused by the USB communication issues.

To illustrate better the solution I am using right now, I made the video below:

Check the list of instructions for more details.

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    Keep the temperature running

    When the printer stops, do not allow the printing head to cool down, because this might lead to the print to come off the printing plane and we don't need that. Go to the printer interface and as soon you establish the communication, re set the temperatures.

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    Measure or remember the print height

    After the print stops, make sure you remember the printer interface reading about the number of deployed layers and layer height. If the interface crashes so badly, you can use a caliper to measure the print height and divide this number by the known layer height (in my case 0.3mm).

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    Modify the gcode file

    Open the gcode file for the specific print and search in the document (Ctrl+f) to find the specific height command for the z axis movement. you should search for the respective height that belongs to the following layer. In my case, I had only three layer being deployed and I searched for 1.2mm which in the height of the printing head while it's printing the 4th layer.

    select everything in between this line and the G92 commend that precedes the first z axis movement in the document and delete this section. See video for a more accurate description of the method. 

    Make sure you "SAVE AS" a different name!!!

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Inspir0n wrote 01/10/2021 at 21:31 point

Thank you very much, your guide in the year 2021 saved my 6 hours print not to get thrown i the waste bin.

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