• PHX8 - Memory Unit

    aephx11/07/2017 at 20:13 0 comments

    Today I have finished the Memory Unit.
    It can store 64KB of memory (16 Address bits, 8 Data bits).

    Its made out of 2x 32KB SRAM chips and 1x Hex Inverter Chip (to control the selection of one of the two chips and the Write signal).

    An Arduino with 2x 8bit Shift Registers is used to Read/ Write the SRAM.

  • PHX8 - Instruction Set Architecture

    aephx11/06/2017 at 18:37 0 comments

    This is a crude ISA for the cpu. 

    The PHX8 has 16 "main" instructions encoded in the top 4 bits of the byte. Some of these also have an encoding in the lower 4 bits.

    The main instructions are encoded as follows:

        HEX   OPC    OP    DESCRIPTION
        00    nop    -     no operation
        10    mov   D, S    move reg to reg
        2-    ld    D, M    load from memory to reg
        3-    st    M, S    store from memory to reg 
        4-    add   D, S s    add
        5-    adc   D, S s    add with carry
        6-    sub   D, S s    subtract 
        7-    sbb   D, S s    subtract with borrow
        8-    and   D, S s    logical and
        9-    or    D, S s    logical or 
        A-    xor   D, S s    logical exclusive or
        B0    shr   D, S      shift right
        C-    cmp   S s       compare unsigned
        D-    jmp    A    jump
        E0    ret    -    return from jump
        F0    hlt    -    halt
    D    Destination
    S    1st Source
    s    2nd source
    A    Address
    M    Memory Address

    Instructions with a X- instead of an X0 are further encoded as:

        HEX   OPC     OP        DESCRIPTION
        20    ldi    D, #00h    load immediate into register
        21    ldz    D, L       load indexed zeropage 
        22    ldz    D, &00h    load immediate zeropage 
        23    lda    D, H:L     load indexed absolute 
        24    lda    D, &0000h  load immediate absolute 
        30    stz    L, S       store indexed zeropage
        31    stz    &00h, S    store immediate zeropage
        32    sta    H:L, S     store indexed absolute
        33    sta    &0000h, S  store immediate absolute
        add, adc, sub, sbb, and, or, xor, cmp 
        X0    ALU    D, S s     perform operation with registers  
        X1    ALU    D, S #00h  perform operation with register and immediate value
        C0    cmp    S s        compare register to register
        C1    cmp    S #00h     compare register to immediate
        D0    jmp   H:L         jump unconditional indexed absolute
        D1    jmp   &0000h      jump unconditional immediate absolute
        D2    jc    H:L         jump carry indexed absolute
        D3    jc    &0000h      jump carry immediate absolute
        D4    jv    H:L         jump overflow indexed absolute
        D5    jv    &0000h      jump overflow immediate absolute
        D6    jz    H:L         jump zero indexed absolute
        D7    jz    &0000h      jump zero immediate absolute
        D8    jn    H:L         jump negative indexed absolute
        D9    jn    &0000h      jump negative immediate absolute
        DA    jg    H:L         jump greater indexed absolute
     DB jg &0000h...
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