Started assembly of Boney #2 to get him close to boney #1. I will add pictures as I go, pictures are better then words . Drilling out  shoulders and hips  for baring installation. It is very important that you start out with a small drill bit and work you way up and finish with a 3/8 bit. The bearing I used was a FR-166-ZZ and you will need eight ,one for inside and one outside of hips and shoulders  . Use one to check fit but do not install them yet. The nylon inserts will pop out. I left then in to drill to help hold them 

The next dissemble the four legs and save the small screws, you can pitch the machine screws, nuts and springs. Mark the inside of the legs  LF -Left Front , LR- Left Rear  RF-Right Front , RR-Right Rear you will be cutting the legs at the knee so mark  each piece at both sides of knee. Marking  the legs for cutting  at the knee I used a pencil to mark them and you can refer to the picture above as reference. 

I purchased  2 skeleton dogs from Home Depot. After Halloween I was able to get one  50% off for $12.50. I am building two you will only need one you can try to go on Depots site and see if you can still get one. I purchased 1/8'' x 1 1/2'' x 8' aluminum flat stock at Lowes and used just under 5' to fabricate one set of brackets.  I used all stainless fasteners to assemble the dog which I purchased at Lowes and on eBay for  4-40 nylon locks  and 4-40 machine screws . 6-32 machine screws and 10-24 machine screws I was able to get at Lowes. I will work on fastener list and other supplies needed . Also a tool list one very important tool is metal cutting band saw and drill press. If you don't have these tools the project will not be fun to build and its about having fun. Let me know if you are interested in building this project so I can give you as much detail as possible.