State machines

School Lights

  • Yellow Flashing Slow
  • Yellow Flashing Fast (highway mode)
  • Red Flashing Slow
  • Red Flashing Fast (highway mode)
  • Off

Head, Running, and Strobe light

  • Head Lights On, Running Lights On, Strobe Pattern 1
  • Head Lights On, Running Lights On, Strobe Pattern 2
  • Off

Turn Signals

  • Left Turn
  • Right Turn
  • Hazard Flashing
  • Off

Break and backup light control

  • Break lights on
  • Backup lights on
  • Break and backup lights on

Drilling the model was a little difficult because the light positions were not flat.  My drill bit wondered a little during while drilling the holes.  I also had some issues with the glue.  The stop sign did not turn out very well and will no longer fold in and out. 

I wanted to add a four-button remote control, which would allow the lights to be controlled remotely.  For this, I had to add a 5v converter and logic to translate between 5V and 3.3V.  I bought two remotes but neither of them worked.  The first was not soldered completely, which I think is common for the cheap receivers.  The second was soldered but still did not reliably work.