• Y axis complete

    phil04/26/2014 at 19:59 0 comments

    I finally found more time to work on this and the Y axis is now complete, I just need to test it with an Arduino just to check that its moving OK with a stepper.

  • GT2 Belt clamp design.

    phil04/08/2014 at 17:17 0 comments

    I finally got around to designing the belt clamps that will attach to the bottom of my X axis gantry plates.  This is a simple design and will only require 2 screws to keep the belts tight and in place.

    I will be machining these out of HDPE.

  • Makerslide it is...

    phil04/05/2014 at 13:47 0 comments

    Well after the other company still not responding after 2 and a half weeks I contacted Makerslide europe and made the order with them, the next day it was sent out and is on the way to me.  

    As soon as I cut this down it can be installed and I can make progress on the gantry sides, the laser carriage and the automatic Z axis focus.