CNC router

CNC router made from second hand parts

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I am an electronic hobbyist and i am working as a cheese maker in Thailand. in the capital city Bangkok there is sort of China town where can be found mechanical and electronic components for cheap new and used. roaming for those areas I found used ball screws, ball linear rails, stepper motors. for 5500 bath = 157 dollars I buyed the two linear rails for the x axis, one very beefy rail for the y axys and the ball screws for x and y axys. the complete z axys made of an integrated module of rail plus ball screw was 1000 bath= 28 dollars. one used stepper motor was 400 bath 11 dollars. I paid very expensive one of the flexible joints as I have no choice but buy it new about 800 bath 23 dollars. I made by myself the stepper motor drivers and the optocoupler board using L297 298 chips and I followed the schematic in the data sheet as buying a stepper motor driver already made would cost me a lot in delivery expenses. the router have a speed control regulation taken from a broken mixer used

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