After frantically looking for my solder sucker, it was nowhere to be found. A trip to the bottomless bin of spare parts ensued.

Found my old sucker with a broken snap button. I figured I could print it better and stronger, so I pulled up Creo and started to design. (Yes its old but its what my school taught me)

The parts were fairly simple to make. Modified the syringe part by drilling a hole in the back to match the button hole in the front. This allowed the new button to slide freely in and out of the slot. Two holes are included in the button to allow the slide to lock and unlock the plunger.

I could of inserted two screws into the side to hold the rubber band in place but having already designed the button I figured it would be best to fancy the outside with a printed part.

30 minutes passes and prints are finished and ready to go! Found a rubber band to use and I was back in business.

I'm quite impressed with it and with the simple removable parts it'll probably last forever!