IKEA Antonious Basket Frame corner repair

3D print a replacement corner bracket for an Ikea Antonius Wire Frame Basket system.

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The corner brackets in the basket model I have are cast from iron and very weak (think cheese metal). You can't buy the brackets as far as I know so the choice was to discard the frame and baskets or print a replacement.

It's a very basic print, printed on its side for strength. I emulate the original as closely as possible including the raised retainer but decided to skip the raised lip (which would be a nice aesthetic improvement).

I printed it in PLA since this is all I have, it's strong enough and has been in use for over a month without issues.


STL file for corner bracket

stl-binary - 14.41 kB - 01/31/2018 at 22:57



OpenSCAD source for corner bracket

scad - 673.00 bytes - 01/31/2018 at 22:57


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