XL Long bed 3D-printer conversion

This how-to will show how to fit a longer bed on any flashable 3D-printer. We use the long bed ourselves to print windturbine blades.

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A printer for the people that want to print BIG objects at industrial quality levels with a 200EUR household 3D-printer.

  • 1 × A basic 3D-printer that allows modifying the firmware (we use an Anycubic I3 Mega S)
  • 1 × A rigid table of 2m * 80cm or bigger To mount everything on
  • 2 × SBR25 1500mm rail Part of the y-axis
  • 1 × SBR25UU bearings + bearing holders Part of the y-axis
  • 1 × 2,5m glassfiber belt for 3D-printers (often called GT2 belt). 2mm pitch Part of the y-axis

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  • Assemble the bed

    Bram Peirs @ FW2W07/24/2023 at 13:20 0 comments

    1. Weld or bolt together the aluminium profiles so they are connected and make a platform of 1m * 20cm. Preferabbly this happens on the ends only so they are not skewed or distorted by the welding process.

    2. Drill holes for the bearing holders. They should be 1m apart.

    3. Install the bearings approximately 5cm from the bed. By now the set-up should look like this:

    4. Put the glassfiber sleeve over the NiCr heating wire and pull it through the hollow spaces of the aluminum bed

    5. (Recommended) Put some glassfiber cloth at the end of each alumium profile so the air stays inside

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