8-bit binary/hex/braille keyboard

USB keyboard that lets you type in 8-bit binary!

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10 key board. top left switches mode (ascii binary, hex, braile etc indicated using a rgb led under) bottom centre key is for 00000000. press any combination of keys and upon release correct output is created. eg, in Hex mode, if the last 2 keys were pressed output would be 2, if all 4 right keys were pressed output would be F. Uses an arduino and the schematics from for USB output. Code to follow some day.

This is of course inspired by [Benchoffs} Unhappy Hacking Keyboard, but I have a plan for it :)


enter hex in 4 bit binary "chords" over serial. Features 4 binary keys, enter, space and a 0 key!

ino - 3.25 kB - 02/18/2017 at 14:33



Arduino sketch for serial braille keyboard

ino - 5.46 kB - 02/18/2017 at 14:17


  • 9 × microswitches
  • 1 × arduino SERIAL VERSION
  • 1 × teensy LC USB version

  • Code Up for braille serial mode

    haydn jones02/18/2017 at 13:05 0 comments

    Finally uploaded the code for the serial mode, and all you need to do is connect 9 push buttons to pins 2 to 10 and gnd.

    Functioning in this version are "a" to "z" lower case, the enter key and the space key.

    As there is no delete in serial, this is not activated, and i have left placeholders for other possible braille inputs. i haven't included numbers as these are the same as "a" to "j" in braille with a modifier character (much like we may use the # symbol)

  • Soldering new prototype

    haydn jones05/24/2015 at 14:37 0 comments

    I found a mechanical keyboard with Futaba clicky switches at a car boot sale. Just putting together my improved prototype, as well as using a teensy lc (thankyou HAD) to emulate a keyboard. The arduinos I have kept sending extra keystrokes over serial. Doing lots of SOLDERING right now.

  • Breadboard Prototype Built

    haydn jones05/06/2015 at 19:49 0 comments

    After what seemed like an eternity, my microswitches finally arrived from China. Codeing has been a little irritating and I am leaving it serial only for the moment as that will work better for the #Braille Computer I am working on for the hackaday prize.

    Code will follow soon I hope :)

  • Braille Computer

    haydn jones05/05/2015 at 11:27 0 comments

    This project will form part of my Braille Computer. I'm still waiting on my switches, but should have something to show this week.

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ptrav wrote 12/23/2018 at 23:52 point

Hi, Haidn,

I have manufactured PCBs for a very similar device:

It has 3 boards: "Left Hand", "Right Hand" and "Thumbs" and uses Arduino Pro Micro.

To make a Braille keyboard, simply solder 8 switches to the "Hand boards", the "Thumbs" is not necessary (just put a separate switch with wires).

Let me know if you are interested.



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davedarko wrote 04/19/2015 at 11:27 point

0x00 does what? I can imagine that it's hard to release them all at the same time or if you made a mistake and pull one finger off to correct it, it will fire twice with enough time between? 

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haydn jones wrote 04/19/2015 at 11:43 point

0x00  is for space in Braille, or 0 in hex and what ever would be null inputs dependant on the mode. As soon as any key is pressed all will be recorded and output as soon as they are all released. This isn't designed to be that useful except to Braille and chorded users.

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davedarko wrote 04/19/2015 at 11:56 point

Thanks for answering :)

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Benchoff wrote 04/08/2015 at 17:18 point

Lol. You've invented a USB braille keyboard:

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haydn jones wrote 04/08/2015 at 17:51 point

I did actually have that in mind for my next project, western Braille is 6 bit, eastern is 8-bit :) I want to build a collection of connected devices for the blind.

PS. Thanks for the skull.

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haydn jones wrote 02/18/2017 at 14:39 point

I've just uploaded the brailler (over serial) code, and also a 4-bit binary keyboard code (outputs hex)

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