• Tricorder finished

    jaromir.sukuba04/29/2014 at 18:55 0 comments

    Well, it finally happened.

    Few minutes before deadline, project files are being uploaded to github, video to youtube (its hell slow when you are hurry) and our tricorder is finally done.

    What went wrong:

    I'm not happy with I2C sensors, communication on I2C bus somehow flaky. However spectral analyser (with acoustic, magnetic and light input) works as expected, as well as Geiger counter. LEDs blinks, so the project is OK, at the end of the day ;-)

  • Tricorder case finished

    jaromir.sukuba04/27/2014 at 22:42 0 comments


    0,35mm nozzle print head on my 3D printer fell apart, from unknown reasons, just before I wanted to print parts for JJ Tricorder case. You know, Murphy's laws. I had one spare, however with higher diameter, something like 0,6mm or so, but I had no other way, so I installed new (old) one and started some calibration prints.

    Julia worked on case design in the meantime.

    I printed the plastic parts of case

    And here it is, when idea comes physical. Yep, that's CRT display.

    The same case, while waiting for button caps to print out.

    Now I'm working on firmware. Basic functionality seems to work, tomorrow I'll upload here more photos of tricorder in action, maybe some video, and design files on GitHub.

    Well, it's not far from one clock in the morning, time to save everything, backup and sleep. Monday mornings are always hard.

  • Board partially populated

    jaromir.sukuba04/24/2014 at 16:22 0 comments

    Board is now partially populated. MCUs work, sensors respond to their I2C address, we continue working on it.

    Some more photos:

    PGAs and opamps on the left side and row of I2C devices: MMA7455, unpopulated space for HIH6131, HMC5883L, 24LC64, MCP9800, MPL3115A2