Tablet mount fix - 3D Printing to the rescue!

My tablet mount broke, so I decided to fix it rather than sending it to landfill.

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The mount between this tablet holder and the flexible arm broke on me one day, so rather than adding to landfill and buying another one, I designed a replacement part.

I initially started with Onshape, but ran into a few issues getting things as I wanted them, so I exported the project as a STEP file and imported into Fusion 360 to complete the design.

This is actually the V2, as I initially designed the replacement part exactly as the old one, but I found the 3d printed parts couldn't hold up to the stresses that the mounting mechanism puts the part under, so I redesigned it as a socket and ball clamp design, which seems to be working well enough.

It's a three part design with a recessed socket in the base of the mount where the ball end of the arm can rest, then a part which goes behind the ball, and is then clamped down by the cap when screwed down.

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