LPC122x breakout

Breakout board for LPC122x family in TQFP48 package

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I designed this breakout board to make breadboarding with LPC122x easier. There is no fancy stuff, just voltage regulator (LF33), few caps, reset/boot circuitry and crystal with capacitors.
Headers for SWD and ISP are provided. Reset button does what one would expect, bootloader buton asserts RST pin and BOOT pin together. After release, RST pin is released immediately, while BOOT pin is held low for a while - this satisfies condition for entering boot mode and any bootloader software (like FlashMagic or LPC21ISP) can be used to load FLASH image using ISP header.
I tested SWD by using LPC Link 2 and LPCXpresso board (I cut away the debugger part).

Simple blinky example for LPCXpresso IDE for LPC1225 is provided, but there should be no problem with building this with any ARM GCC toolchain (perhaps minor tweaks of makefile are needed).

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