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Real time, low power, aerial or station based people tracking

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Flying on a quad copter or zip tied to a telephone pole, this project will monitor people and the paths they walk in a mobile platform. Recent drone based tracking has been done by transmitting from a mobile camera to a ground station where the images are analyzed. This project will eliminate the ground station and communications tether.

There is a incredible value in knowing where people are and how they got there. Public space planners hand count people on camera feeds. Concert venues need to know which port-a-potties to empty and metro stations need to know when ticket machine goes down. People react to their environment, this platform will monitor those behavior shifts.

Police helicopters are expensive and agencies are getting used to doing their work with crimes observed by fixed wing aircraft with cameras seeing crime over entire cities.

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Image Credit: Millennium park J. Crocker, and U. Central Florida see links bel

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georgefomitchef wrote 03/22/2016 at 09:50 point

We do not know the future. We build it together with everyone

We invite everyone who is in SWFL to attent bright TED-like show talk about future
of robotics.

More information is here:



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