Saab 900 custom instrument panel

A custom instrument panel for a 1986 Saab 900 powered by several 328P's

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One day I started thinking about how difficult it would be to create a custom instrument panel for my project car, and here I am.

The LEDs are WS2812B (Neopixels) being driven by a 328p, one per gauge. All gauges to talk to a "master" display panel over i2c that will display the exact readout of the gauge. If anyone reading this knows saabs, I'm trying to make my own SID panel.

All circuit boards have been made with the photo resist method, a full explanation on everything can be found on my website under the digital dashboard side menu:

Also, this was my first attempt at SMD soldering, so try not to give me too much shit.

Youtube videos:

Display test:

Tachometer test in-car (It works :D):

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