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Follow-up #1:

Follow-up #2:

- work size: 160 x 160mm, Max. height: 25mm

- Milling-tool: Proxxon, 20000rpm

- typical milling speed: 1-5mm/sec

- max. jogging speed: 10mm / sec

- milling materials (tried so far): PCB, plastic, wood


- Motors: 3x NEMA17, 1.7A, driving 8mm M8 stainless steel rods

- Stepper drivers: 3 x Big Easy Driver

- Power: USB-Hub for the arduinos and all other 5V devices, 19V 3.5A laptop power supply for the stepper drivers

- Control: two Arduino UNO; both can control the stepper drivers. One runs GRBL and can process G-code commands from the computer. The other one runs my own software and is attached to the keypad and the LCD. This arduino gives a live feedback of the machine position via the LCD, even when the other arduino took over the control.

Hardware-ToDo: Connecting the GRBL-Arduino to the border switches (was not yet necessary) but will be needed for auto-leveling

- Manual control software:

- Moving in X/Y/Z direction: different speeds and different distances. The movement can be cancelled all times. Smallest moving step is 1/20mm.

- External mode: Live-feedback of the movement controls from the GRBL arduino, Internal mode: Manual control

- Homing/max loop, present table (moving table to foremost position), border-switch test


- Memorize position when system is switched off (no idea yet how to do that)

- G-code based Bed level test and auto-leveling