433MHz canon remote

One of those supposed quick hacks that turns into a complete nightmare...

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I'm only logging my progress... I want to trigger my Canon camera from far away by using those cheap 433MHz one way receiver and transmitter modules.

Pinout for the 2.5mm cable on the canon camera:


Since I always forget that and it is kind of important:

| MISO | VCC  |
| RST  | GND  |

MOSI is PIN 0 on the attiny45 and supposed to be connected to the RX pin of the receiving module.

  • future improvements

    davedarko08/25/2015 at 11:03 0 comments

    • visual indicator - I was pretty unsure if it actually worked until I checked the pictures
    • optocoupler for interfacing
    • use an attiny instead of a full blown arduino
    • [optional] build an antenna for 433MHz to extend the range
    • intervalometer

  • lesson learned

    davedarko07/27/2015 at 14:05 3 comments

    So when you start a new project and you don't have much time - start with the least amount of unknowns and only after it works and you still have he time, start shrinking it. Because anything will fit into a tictac / altoids box in the end! (Don't use altoid boxes for wireless stuff, btw - that should be a no brainer)

    So here are the prototypes! If anyone has any cool remote designs in his mind, or movie props - I definitely want to come up with something looking more artsy fartsy. I love the zippo feeling of opening a tictac box though. And those switches that are "shielded" with a cap.

  • Woohoo it works

    davedarko07/23/2015 at 16:06 0 comments

    Kind of ;) 2 arduinos, what a waste - but with that short amount of time I went for easy/known stuff. I'll update this later with a "happy - it works" face. The transmitter even worked out of the oven :D

  • works with arduino

    davedarko07/23/2015 at 00:24 0 comments

    So I'm glad that at least the 2 Arduino setup works! Tomorrow I'll solder my 3rd and last pcb together, this time with an ATtiny85, as soon as I checked with a DIP package on a breadboard, that it actually works with one, since it's probably only maxed out. Sounds like a good idea. I might throw in a pullup for the reset line and a 100nF cap from VCC to GND as well. Should add that onto the pcb. Hm..

    Off to bed now, happy hacking!

  • wrong pinout for the ATtiny

    davedarko07/22/2015 at 23:49 0 comments

    Here is my little "test program" to check if I'm sane or not. Turns out I am and the pins 2 and 3 are mangled up in the EAGLE library.

    void setup() 
      pinMode(0, OUTPUT); // MOSI
      pinMode(1, OUTPUT); // MISO
      pinMode(2, OUTPUT); // SCK
      pinMode(3, OUTPUT); // focus
      pinMode(4, OUTPUT); // shutter  
    void loop() 
      for (int i=0; i<5; i++)
        digitalWrite(i, HIGH);
        digitalWrite(i, LOW);

    Now I can reprogram the Attiny45 board again and test it another time...

  • You have to start somewhere

    davedarko07/22/2015 at 22:31 2 comments

    On saturday I will attend the wedding party of my boss and his wife and I joked that I would totally be able to come up with something that I could take a picture with myself on the picture, without running from the first floor down to the group of guests. She said "oh well something with a raspberry pi, I guess?" - well not really, but an arduino/attiny will do.

    The first idea I had was using some of the #Snail Mail Notifier pcbs, but I wasn't sure about the parts (no labels). So I figured I could totally use my AttinyX5 timelapse board which I designed to hack into a keyfob camera. I had to solder one together because I gave away the first prototyepe to @Stefan-Xp at the #Hackaday Munich: Hot Irons and Crunching Compilers - and he send me a trigger remote cable once - thanks again for that! By the way, there is a little design issue!

    There is no common ground on the transistors and they are not connected to the ground pin of the board. Sounds stupid? Meh - it worked for the application I had in mind, since the tiny and the keyfob camera would have shared the battery. But not the canon camera. With a ground cable flying around that was fixed in an instant.

    Next stop was finding a library that works for arduino and 433MHz - easy thing with google, here is what I found [german] I had to download the VirtualWire from [] library as well. Copy, pasting and running the script gave me this:

    In function 'void vw_setup(uint16_t)':
    error: 'TCCR1A' was not declared in this scope
    error: 'TCCR1B' was not declared in this scope
    error: 'WGM12' was not declared in this scope

    Turns out that the Attiny85 is covered in the VirtualWire, but not the Attiny45 (because reasons). So after a while I found out how I could fix it.

    // look for __AVR_ATtiny85__ and add or replace with
    #if defined (__AVR_ATtiny85__) || defined(__AVR_ATtiny45__) 
    #if  __AVR_ATtiny85__ || __AVR_ATtiny45__

    When I finally had it compiling - felt good - it was 32byte to big - but with some restrictions to my code I got it compiling and uploading! But now I really don't know how to debug the ATtiny45, if I can't add any line of code - D'oh! Seems like I have to jump to the Attiny85, where I thought myself safe using "only" a tiny45. Maybe I should go back a little more and use arduinos first, since I got so many anyways.. ah well. Murphy get's you every time.

    I wrote that with the wonderful voice of Dave Jones from the EEVblog in my head... watched him a lot again lately! Learned a lot and still had some fun with that so far!

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David Watts wrote 07/27/2015 at 19:28 point

"One of those supposed quick hacks that turns into a complete nightmare..." I know the feeling. I knocked up an intervalometer for a Canon DSLR a while back it was a lot of fun. I might go back to it and wireless it up. Cool project!

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davedarko wrote 07/27/2015 at 20:52 point

The best part was that not only I was happy, but the wedding couple and the guests were too :) 

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LazyHD wrote 07/27/2015 at 17:20 point

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davedarko wrote 07/27/2015 at 20:50 point

my camera is still young, I wouldn't try that :)

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Jarrett wrote 07/23/2015 at 01:32 point

I initially read this as "CANNON remote" and was a little disappointed :(

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davedarko wrote 07/23/2015 at 11:50 point

should I add lasers later, to compensate? ;) I tried to make clear that I have no idea if this would work with other cameras and that I don't own a Nikon etc. ...

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