Real TIS-100

The TIS-100 from the game TIS-100 sounds like a cool computer. I'm going to make one in various ways.

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The TIS-100 is an "interesting" multi-CPU computer used in the game TIS-100. There are computing nodes and stack nodes. Computing nodes have on directly addressable register, one backup register, a zero register, four ports to surrounding nodes, and can only perform additions, subtractions, jumps (conditional and not), and moves. All interactions with the four ports are blocking until a response from an adjacent node occurs. The stack node just acts as a stack serving read and write requests as they come. I plan on working on this project from many different directions; using ATtinys for each node and serial data transfer, using FPGAs using serial and/or parallel data transfer, etc. The only main goal is to recreate the function of the TIS-100 and try to keep the cost for each node as low.

Details TBD

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    Gabriel Smith08/11/2015 at 18:42 0 comments

    Currently I am exploring basing each node around a ATtiny85 as it has just enough I/O pins to create a serial communication to each of the 4 ports separately. Each port can be turned off and on separately simply using transistors.

    On another branch of thought I am looking at producing each node on a FPGA, maybe utilizing the DIPSY FPGA project here on

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Rasmus Svensson wrote 03/16/2016 at 21:37 point

Hello! It looks like at least four people are having the same idea. (Great minds think alike?) I found this gentleman's project three days ago:

A friend and I have also started working on a TIS-100 project. We decided to follow your example and write about it here on 

I'm looking forward to read more about your project.

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