• Hand soldered version done

    WooDWorkeR03/13/2016 at 17:22 3 comments

    The hand soldered version of the c-ynth is done. And was already used at a so called "DrehCommando" which you can listen to here.

    Unfortunately it seems that i miswired one of the low voices. But for a first try good enough. I will create a PCB for this and try to get the "wiring" done correctly this time.

    Will post a few images of the finished build soon.

  • High and Low Voice Board done

    WooDWorkeR02/01/2016 at 14:02 0 comments

    4 Voices are already done (2 per board), next up i will add another 2 Low Voices and a Power/Mixing Board.

    I started with transferring the Schematic into KiCad and also will play around with +/- 12V (Eurorack Standard) instead of 9V and voltage divider as in the original project so it can be converted into a Eurorack Module.