HackBerry Pi

RPi with no processor, just hackable :)

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HackBerry PI was born as just a break-out for Soft-Propeller, but well it can do bit more than just being simple breakout.


  • Form factor as RPi B+
  • does fit into RPi enclosure
  • same mounting holes
  • same 40 PIn header
  • same place microUSB connector
  • can work with RPi HAT's
  • DIP40 socket: Accept Parallax Propeller DIP40 or Soft-Propeller
  • PMod located at about the HDMI connector (accessible from the enclosure)
  • 26 Pin header RPi Model A layout
  • Arduino compatible headers (location not board outline)
  • DIPSY DIP8 Socket

  • Prototype 1

    Antti Lukats09/29/2015 at 18:09 2 comments

    Doing real prototype rather than just CAD work is nice sometimes:

    HackBerry fitted as add-on to RPi Model A 26 pin header. I do not have RPi B+ yet, and well I guess there are some more Model A around.

    Arduino like pin headers can be soldered from the bottom, in the picture HackBerry sits on Netduino :)


    1. Choose what FTDI IC, FT230X is cheapest but not in our library :(
    2. Find place for DIPSY socket
    3. Audio connector? With PWM filters?
    4. Use remaing free space for something useful that does not add BOM cost?

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