Rover develops new IoT concepts focused on consumer engagement with their everyday things

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Things I've Built


Spinning array of magnets to hover over metal plates. Just like Hendo hoverboard. In early prototype phase.

Sump pump monitor

Arduino Mega2560 monitoring sump pump activity and emailing faults and status by visiting a webpage that activates an email script. Will add home power monitoring for blackouts and a water sensor for emergency status.

Bike light

Persistence of Vision light for a bike wheel using TI's TLC5940 LED drivers. The picture is a test image of an 8 bit Mario.

Reprap 3D printer

Prusa Mendel from scratch (purchased plastic parts from another RepRap).

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Arik wrote 9 minutes ago point

Hey, thanks for liking the Fochica project and for your relevant comments. Working on something for this year's competition? 

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