Ron Segal

Design thinker, maker, develops smart (as in AI), wireless networking solutions.

Wellington, New Zealand
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This user joined on 05/02/2016.

Things I've Built

Anodising Power Supply

This unit delivers a set amount of power (i.e. Amp Minutes) for aluminium anodising. I designed it to continuously monitor and control the current being delivered to the piece and terminate the process when the set point is reached.

2.4GHz Outdoor, double biquad parabolic antenna

This is an outdoor adaptation of Andrew McNeil's wonderful design. Its been working flawlessly out in the elements on a hill in Moonshine Valley, NZ.

Armote CC2650 Board

2.4GHz 802.15.4 sensor board, based on TI CC2650 SoC, modified TI reference design.

Long Distance Tank Level Monitor

A Contiki mesh network based on own designed wireless motes (Armote) that senses water level in a large tank 1K away from the (RPi based) base station. Also controls outdoor Led lights.

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