FreeBSD Robot + Teensy 3.1

FreeBSD and the ARM based Beaglebone Black board. Demonstrating a ROV with I/O and video streaming.

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This is a secondary project, at the moment, I am working on:

this because I want to build a bigger robot eventually using the satellite communication system provided by the IOTsatcom

An embedded ROV powered by FreeBSD on a Beaglebone Black. It demonstrates the usage of the flattened device tree (FDT) plus video streaming by WIFI and motor drivers remote control. Opencv features and power actuators by MOSFET drivers.
The system offers a webGUI over WIFI to control the movements and watch a video streaming from the onboard camera. The platform used is the popular embedded board Beaglebone Black with a custom cape (shield) on top for the I/O connectivity. BBB has enough processing power and speed for Opencv tasks, networking, web services. This robot can be controlled remotely by a joystick or using the controls on the web GUI. Teensy board to control steering and speed

This robot can be controlled remotely by a joystick or using the controls on the web GUI. To keep the system reliable and fast, a custom kernel was compiled and the system environment was carefully prepared. Teensy board manages the PWM for the steering servo and the speed driver.

The list of features available:

-Remote control of the motors via WIFI (webGUI or Joystick)

-WIFI hotspot -Video streaming from the onboard camera

-MOSFET actuators

-Sensors collection to gather environmental data

-OpenCV video features

-Stepper motors to move the gimbal with the video camera

-Range distance sensor

-webGUI with websockets

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Fabio Balzano wrote 12/21/2015 at 11:57 point

thank you a lot, I appreciate

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Fabio Balzano wrote 12/21/2015 at 11:57 point

Hi, if you use webcamd daemon you will get access at a ton of usb cams..some of them are very common and new models

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edicarla.andrade wrote 12/19/2015 at 16:14 point

Hi Fabio,

Your project is very interesting. I am also building my robot and i want to add a camera to it. Which camera are you using? From what I saw in FreeBSD website, they don't give support to many cameras.

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