Rory Aronson

Social entrepreneur working to solve big challenges. Currently focused on agriculture with and

San Luis Obispo, CA
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This user joined on 08/19/2014.

Things I've Built

OpenFarm - Learn to Grow Anything! is the "Wikipedia for Growing Plants." This project is closely related to the FarmBot Project in that FarmBot needs structured, detailed data for how to grow plants based on specific environmental conditions and growing practices.

Tall Bikes!

I have welded together half a dozen tall bikes in my day!

SLO MakerSpace

I co-founded the SLO MakerSpace, San Luis Obispo's first community workshop and craft center!

The Bike Arch

A grand entranceway for my San Luis Obispo home. The Bike Arch is made of reclaimed bicycles and scrap metal!

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