• Chip Identification

    05/15/2016 at 04:41 0 comments

    I am looking to identify what chip this is

    I know it is a motor controller of some sort but have been unable to find any type of datasheet or information relating to it. Please Help anyone with information let me know.

    This is the full circuit board it is a quadrotor controller that I would like to hack/reengineer to use a espxxxx as the receiver so as to use a web page and a few sensors to control from smartphone.

    The chip located closest to the bottom of photo is the tranceiver chip. The 2 identical ic's are power mosfets one on either side and the mpu-6052 is the gyroscope. As far as I can tell from the datasheets that I have been able to find (https://www.cdiweb.com/datasheets/invensense/MPU-6050_DataSheet_V3 4.pdf) MPU



    This should be possible with using the i2c bus if I am correct in my findings so far.