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Things I've Built

MC68000 SBC

Motorola 68000 homebrew computer running TSMON and Enhanced BASIC. Running at 6MHz and built with 74-series glue logic, 64kB RAM on 16-bit bus, 512kB ROM on 8-bit bus. Support for CompactFlash over IDE, ASCII keyboard, and RC2014 cards.

Wire-wrap 68030

Motorola 68030 homebrew computer running Enhanced BASIC. Running at 12.5MHz and built using wirewrap construction, CPLD glue logic, 2MB SRAM on 32-bit bus, 512kB ROM on 8-bit bus, and MC68882 FPU on mezzanine board.

Serial-controlled LED Dimmer

12V LED Dimmer with ramping functions and ASCII serial protocol over RS-485. Arduino code on bare ATMega328 with MAX481 serial transceiver, and connected to a Crestron home automation system.

PTZ Camera Controller

RS-485 PTZ Security Camera controller. Arduino code on bare ATMega328 with MAX481 serial transceiver.

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