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Things I've Built

Bench Power Supply

I decided the best way for solve the problem of not having a bench power supply at home was to design and create one. Read more at:

Flying Drum Platform

At Sin City Scenic we built an incredible industrial drum platform for Magic Mike Live. Read more at:

Macrofab Synthesizer

The Macrofab Engineering Podcast had a design challenge to create a ring of LEDs that indicate a potentiometer's position. This is my entry. Read more at:

Timer Clock

A timer that takes in 120V mains AC and uses the 60 Hz frequency for timing before transforming and rectifying to 5V DC for the digital logic. Read more at:

Frankie Moreno's Hero Piano

Frankie Moreno's automated and LED mapped Hero Piano for his show “Under the Influence”. Read more at:

Absinthe Dispenser

A wireless, DMX controlled, glowing absenthe dispencer built for Spiegleworld's "Absinthe" tour. Read more at:

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