Paul Klompenhower

I'm a do-er. I love to create, whether it be by welding, CADing, or coding .

Chicago, Illinois
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This user joined on 08/08/2015.

Things I've Built

2014 Pumpkin Launch

MACH 2 is a centrifugal catapult that took first place in distance and second place in accuracy at the 2014 IIT Pumpkin Launch. The link below is a video of it firing

ITR Goliath

Goliath is a 150 lbs robot built by Illinois Tech Robotics (ITR) for the annual Jerry Sanders Design Competition (JSDC). It has won the Demolition round for the past two consecutive years.


My roommate and I salvaged an old mobility scooter and attached a 6.5 HP IC engine to it. It gets up to about 25 MPH and is not in anyway stable.

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