Terje Arntsen

Computer hardware geek with no social interest beside daily doses of realityshow comedy from the white house. Cravez Coca Cola.

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Things I've Built

Volvo 850 '96 2.5L no turbo

Lowered with Apex coils and Monroe sensatrack, restored wiring for engine/aircon. Low grade tuning + bi-xenon/angel/devil-eyes in original lightboxes.

Honda NSR and CBR150.

Tuning, modification and rebuild of Thai bikes. Honda Sonic 125, 2xNSR, 4xCBR+1x250cc, Beat 125 and 3 more i cant remember and a Yamaha 135 Wave like thing that was useless.hehe.

Volvo 144 '69 -> 244 '76 B21E injection

Total rebuild/restauration of everything exept front suspension that only got Jamex coils with Bilstein dampeners. Puttin in the hard-plastic interior roof, dashboard, chambered gastank and rebuildt complete wiringsceme for 144 '76 was "fun"

PMI dual Maxitower, dual 704 Xeon

HP Workstation dual cpu mainboard + multiple multichannel SAS and Sata controllers + 24bay Storageworks + a few 6 and 4 bay 2.5 hdd holders. 'bout 36 drives in there now.

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