• [WORK JOB] - Basic Relay Box

    05/02/2022 at 04:23 0 comments

    As basic and as fun as it comes, this box contains 3 relays that simply pass through power on three different voltage rails. Isolation is about 250V and the current rating is 10-15A depending on factors. Power by USB 5V and TTL signaled from a BNC, it's just a Denkovi PCB broken out to panel mount connectors. Looks pretty though (on the outside).

  • [WORK JOB] - Much Too Complex Constant Current Source

    05/02/2022 at 04:16 0 comments

    A miniaturised version of the complex current source, this PCB drives 0-500mA @0-6V with an optional high-speed digital modulation capability. There are a few fixes and a seriously modified approach to the control system, but it's basically just smaller and better (not that that was easy to achieve).

  • [WORK JOB] - Simple 60W Brick Power Supply Module

    02/14/2022 at 06:07 0 comments

    Based on one of the standard Meanwell 1-Inch by 2-Inch 60W isolated power bricks, this PCB takes an 18-75V input and converts it into +/-12V voltage rails at 30W each. For this board there is no real care for the specifications of the brick itself, but what does matter is that it's simple and can be switched out easily to accommodate other voltage output levels. The filters are a combination of datasheet recommendations and other common parts.