Jonathan Alley

Entrepreneur and Engineer

Fort Pierce, FL
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This user joined on 04/14/2021.

Things I've Built

Switching DC Power Supply

A modded 250W ATX PSU with inline volt/ammeters, for powering various projects.

Variable DC Power Supply

This is a variable dc power supply I built from an LM338T. I use different power bricks to deliver varying loads which are highly regulated to the tens of millivolts (if I'm real careful, that Bourns pot is sticky when it wants to be)

10MHz DC Differential Probe

Built from the EVAL-INAMP-8RZ board from Analog Devices. This is an instrumentation amplifier rigged up as a differential probe. Useful to 36V, the toroid was later replaced.

Linear AC Power Supply

Fused in series transformers with forced inductive cooling and lighting. One set of outputs are bridgeable, built in a retro power supply case from scrap

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