Ryan Kinnett

Spacecraft Systems Engineer, former Mars rover driver, amateur astrophotographer, Ham radio operator (NG6F)

La Crescenta, CA
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Things I've Built

Astrophotography Camera Cooler

6W TEC cooler cooling experiment with ZWO ASI224MC color astrophotography camera. Inserted a thermistor under the imaging chip for accurate temperature monitoring and closed-loop control. Achieved 20C temperature control bandwidth.

Telescope Focuser Driver

Arduino, A4988 stepper driver, Moons PG22L7.7 stepper motor, and 2:1 belt drive drives a GSO 2" Crayford focuser on a 10" GSO Imaging Newtonian telescope.

Garage Monitor

ESP8266-powered monitor/opener. Echo ranger senses door open or closed whether a car is parked. IFTTT notifications on open/close and hourly when door left open. Remote open/close/check via Particle Cloud. Alexa integrated. See my github page.

Micro Rover

Rocker-bogie suspension & chassis built from Makerbeam, 3D-printed joints, & 12 microservos. ESP8266, OLED display, touch sensor, MEMS IMU, downward-facing optical flow sensor for precise 1mm drive tracking. Mimics actual JPL rover drive cmds!

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